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Geothermal For New Construction

Geothermal For New Construction

Why should you consider using geothermal for new construction? First, when installing a geothermal system in a new home, you can often bundle the cost of your geothermal system into your mortgage. The monthly savings you will recoup on your heating and cooling bills will more than likely offset the additional cost of your monthly mortgage payment. In fact, most homeowners see positive cash flow on a monthly basis by saving more than the additional portion of their mortgage attributable to the cost of their geothermal system.

Benefits Of Geothermal For New Construction

  1. Geothermal systems reduce monthly heating and cooling bills by up to 70% over conventional systems. Operating costs are not subject to the volatile swings associated with fossil fuel costs.
  2. The average life expectancy of a geothermal system is nearly 25 years. Compare that to the 13-year average life expectancy of conventional systems. Most loop fields have an indefinite life expectancy.
  3. Geothermal systems have fewer maintenance costs. This is primarily due to geothermal equipment being indoors and not exposed to the elements. Geothermal systems also have fewer moving parts, which lowers the opportunity for malfunction.
  4. Geothermal provides the opportunity for ‘hybrid’ hot water, reducing the monthly cost of hot water in addition to heating and cooling.
  5. Geothermal systems provide long-term value to a home and are becoming attractive selling points in the real estate market.

Why Use Long Heating And Cooling For Geothermal Installation?

Long Heating and Cooling is one of the oldest and most experienced geothermal companies in southwest Missouri. With our many years of experience, we have encountered just about every scenario and obstacle you could imagine when installing geothermal systems. We are proud to build and maintain solid systems that last. In fact, we are currently changing out systems that were successfully installed by Long Heating and Cooling decades ago. So if you’re interested in purchasing geothermal for new construction, rest assured that you have the best geothermal contractor installing your system!

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