How Do I Pay For A New Air Conditioner?

Spring has arrived. You walk over to your thermostat and it won’t turn on, or maybe you’re just ready to make an energy efficiency change in your home. The cost of installing a new air conditioning unit can cost more…

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air source heat pump diagram

How Air Source Heat Pumps Work

Looking to save money on your heating and cooling bills? Before you settle on a solution, learn how air source heat pumps work. These common heat pumps are an inexpensive and efficient option for homes and buildings in milder climates,…

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AC | Long Heating and Cooling

How To Maintain Your Air Conditioner

What do poor airflow, blocked vents, dirty fins, clogged drains, filthy filters, and low coolant levels have in common? They’re all problems that can compromise the efficiency of your central air conditioning. Learning how to maintain your air conditioner can…

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Innovative Cooling Solutions for Summertime Comfort

As summer temperatures climb, the quest for effective and efficient cooling solutions becomes paramount for homeowners. We understand the importance of staying cool and comfortable without spending a fortune on energy bills. That’s why we’re keen on introducing our clients…

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